Our Mission

A global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting.

Top view of creative professionals putting their hands together as a symbol of teamwork, cooperation and unity. Stack of hands of men and woman

Our Mission

Provide quality Japanese Language Training for the students and working professionals

Provide Technical Training along with live project experience in IT Software Development, Web Development

Provide Outsourcing IT services worldwide

Our Drive and Vision

To create Bilingual Sri Lankan manpower who are empowered with knowledge in Japanese work culture to meet the enhancing demand in Japanese companies

To enable at least 2500 highly skilled Engineers to contribute to the work in Japan by 2030

Enable at least 2500 skilled workers to enhance the workforce in Japan by 2030

The Goal

The Goal

Our ethics program aims to create awareness among employees about our ethical principles and policies, which work as a guiding force, enabling team members to make better decisions, based on honesty and integrity. Our compliance program is focused on ensuring that appropriate levels of control are in place, so that external and internal regulations are adhered to.

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