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Seeking For a Job

Our Seeking Process!

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  1. Seminar with Customer Company

    Candidates will be participated for a seminar with the Customer Company.

  2. 1st interview

    Candidates will be faced with the First Interview.

  3. Wrote

    Conditional Offer for Japanese Training

    Candidates will be selected for Japanese training process with conditional offers.

  4. Class

    Japanese Learning

    Start learning Japanese language at Nozomi Institute.

  5. Exam 1

    N5 Exam

    Students will face the Japanese N5 level exam

  6. Exam

    N4 Exam

    Students will face the Japanese N4 level exam

  7. Discussing

    2nd Interview

    Japanese communication level check Interview with the client

  8. Exam, Performance, Education, Comparison, SAT Reasoning Tes

    N3 Exam

    Students will face the Japanese N3 level exam after further language learning process.

  9. Communication

    Rapid Couse for Spoken Japanese

    Rapid causes will be conducted to improve Japanese spoken level

  10. City Night

    Finish the course and go to Japan

    After finishing the process you will join Japan to continue the career

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