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Nozomi IT Solutions provides a creative information technology solution to industry. Hence, we will be grateful to offer a helping hand in building the Business or in creating one’s own ideas on application design with full professional look. We have a very professional and dedicated team with a result-oriented environment.

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What is the offshore development?

Offshore software development is outsourcing tasks to a third-party software agency or developer(s). Such services may include web development, web app development, mobile app development, etc. Typically, a partner company providing development is from a foreign country. Originally offshore development was mainly used to help reduce costs,but recently, it is being used more and more to alleviate the shortage of IT developers within Japan.

Excellent IT Engineers can be utilized at low cost

Sri Lanka is a country that is actively expanding into the IT field the same as India. Recently education related to IT at universities has become free, and efforts are being made to train young engineers. On the other hand, labor cost is low with high quality compared to popular offshore development bases such as Thailand and Vietnam. Hence it is possible to expect a low price and high-quality services from Sri Lanka.

Outstanding cost performance in Asia

IT technology is supposed to be studied by students with high academic ability in Sri Lanka. As a result of that, the current situation in Sri Lanka is that technical colleges tend to attract particularly students with high skill levels, and there are many engineers with high skills. However, labor costs are cheaper than in other countries. Therefore, cost efficiency is said to be the best in Asia.

Possibility of becoming a good business partner

The government of Sri Lanka is currently a country with strong ties in IT-related professions, such as giving preferential treatment to Japanese lecturers at IT universities and outsourcing the development of communication infrastructure to Japan. Therefore, forming a long-term relationship with Sri Lankan engineers will make a good business partnership.

Offshore development base that has been attracting attention in Europe for a long time

Although Sri Lanka is not well known as an offshore development base in Japan and the United States, Sri Lanka has long been a prime value for outsourcing for Europe and India. Besides, it has the characteristic that it is strong in science and mathematics as a national disposition and that IT engineers can comfortably grow up.

Buddhist nation strong in IT field

Sri Lanka is a devout Buddhist state, with approximately 70% of the population believed to be Buddhists. Moreover, it is also characterized by the fact that it has a deep connection with India for many years and that there are many human resources with exceptional mathematical and math skills. Additionally, Sri Lanka is a small country that is the same island nation as Japan, and the spirituality that respects the coexistence and mutual prosperity of the community is highly compatible with the Japanese. It is also noteworthy that people have high English proficiency.

Offshore Development Labor Market Rate in Sri Lanka, Relatively Low Cost in Asia

The average salary of workers in Sri Lanka is about half compared to Bangkok and Manila, and about the same as Cambodia and Myanmar. Considering the ability of human resources, it is very attractive that the labor cost is quite low. However, in recent years, its popularity as an offshore development base has risen.

A business partner that goes well with Japanese people

Sri Lankans are generally similar in disposition to the Japanese. Since the civil war ended in 2009, there is an increasing desire for the development of the country. Further, the local language of Sri Lanka has a grammatical structure similar to Japanese, and it is also an advantage that there are relatively many Japanese-speaking human resources.

Realization of cost reduction

The advantage of offshore development is that labor costs can be kept down. On the other hand, the number of countries where labor costs are rising year by year is increasing. There are also problems such as lack of understanding of required specifications and low responsiveness to fulfill user requests. Labor-intensive and productive work is suitable for offshore development in software development.

Securing excellent engineers

Currently, Japan has a shortage of engineers, and it is challenging to collect excellent human resources for software development. Therefore, by outsourcing to a country that is focusing on developing human resources for engineers, it is an advantage of offshore development, which will secure excellent human resources.

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